These training programmes are directed at all those who need English for their professional work, or who want to refresh their knowledge of English in an international setting.

We show you how to present your business life in English, while putting yourself forward securely and avoiding common mistakes. Among other things, we teach you to master and use key words and important expressions for international dialogue.

We provide you with intensive, regular seminars and courses suited to your needs and wishes, for presentations, meetings, negotiations and small conference calls. It goes without saying that individual tuition is also included in our range of offers.

See our language qualification programme at first hand and judge for yourself. Just give us a call and arrange an appointment for a personal consultation.


<!--:de-->English for Presentations<!--:-->

(Deutsch) English for Presentations

Unser Seminar English for Presentations richtet sich an Manager, Nachwuchstalente und Mitarbeiter, die an Meetings teilnehmen, sie leiten oder sich dieser Herausforderung in Zukunft stellen werden.
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<!--:de-->English for Negotiations<!--:-->

(Deutsch) English for Negotiations

Unser Seminar English for Negotiations wendet sich an Manager, den Führungsnachwuchs und Mitarbeiter, die Verhandlungen auf Englisch führen oder sich darauf vorbereiten und ihre englischen Sprechfertigkeiten in diesem Bereich ausbauen möchten.
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